Other Links You May Find Useful & Interesting...

    •     Larry Warren's indispensable Slippery-Hill website, for source versions of thousands of tunes

    •     The Old-Time Herald - Articles and reviews of old-time music, both older and newer

    •     The Field Recorders' Collective - CDs and downloads of rare field- and home-recordings

    •     Cunningham Handmade Instruments - Jackson Cunningham builds stunning Gibson-style

            guitars, both flattop and archtop!

    •     Morris String Instruments - Aaron Morris built me a maple L-00, a fine instrument!

    •     Fairbanks Guitars - Dale Fairbanks builds superb, vintage Gibson-inspired flattops.

    •     New Era Guitars - Tony Klassen produces a fascinating array of fine, vintage-inspired guitars.

    •     Juneberry 78s - The late Tom Morrison's listening and download site

    •     Jeremy's Saggy Record Cabinet - By Jeremy Stephens

    •     Allen's Archive of Old and Early Country Music - Country music & older, from 78s & 45s

    •     The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum - Discussions of all things guitar; invaluable!!

    •     Old Time Party - The late Jon Bekoff's blog, with loads of interesting articles archived

    • - An indispensable resource for folks interested in WWII Gibson guitars

    •     A Virtual Museum of Vintage Vintage Gibson Guitars and Mandolins - By collector and

            photographer Robert Corwin

    •     A Virtual Museum of Vintage Martin Guitars - By collector and photographer Robert Corwin

    •     The Old-Time Tiki Parlour - David Bragger produces terrific videos, and check out all the links!

    •     The Flatpicker's Guide to Old-Time Music - Another interesting book, by Tim May & Dan Miller

    •     Fiddle Tunes and the Guitar - A really interesting article from Tim May & Dan Miller

    •     The Shuffle of the Pick - Adam Tanner's new ebook about playing fiddle tunes on mandolin

    •     Wait Till You Hear This One - Dave Mount's blog for "anyone interested in old-time fiddle"

    •     Digital Library of Appalachia - Listen to lots of rare source recordings. Searchable, too!

    •     Toby Walker - An excellent blues guitar player, singer, and teacher!

Correction: p. 35

     There's a problem with the layout of the tablature for “And The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day” on p. 35 from the 1/20/17 batch of books.  Please click here to download a pdf file with a corrected version of p. 35.

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